What are Affiliates

Affiliates are organizations and business that are directly and /or indirectly attached and united on terms of fellowship and mutual recognition. Similarly, “Regularity” is the process by which a Grand Lodge or Grand Council recognize one another for the purposes of allowing formal interaction at the Grand Body and visitation by members of other jurisdictions.

The Grand Orient de France (GOdF) initially adopted its Constitution in order to comply with the 1877, proposal of the Protestant priest Fredric Desmons at the convention of the GOdF; they removed references to the Great Architect of the Universe (GAOTU) from their Constitution - as a way to return to the original Constitution of James Anderson of 1723. The first two sentences of the constitution of the GOdF (in English translation) had been: 

"Its principles of Freemasonry are the existence of God, the immortality of the soul, and human solidarity. It considers liberty of conscience as an inherent right of each man and excludes no one because of his beliefs."

Community Resource Partner

The Imperial Supreme Council is incorporated exclusively as a educational, religious and charitable organization. Our Affiliates (private sector business and Other Fraternal Associations) provides community-based services and/or resources to advance this Supreme Council incorporated purposes as defined. Our Affiliates provides such services at no cost to our membership or territory communities, and report their success annually through our State Resident Agents.

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