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From the Office of the Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander

ILL. Charlie Davis, Jr., 33We must not be divided, our harmony and Masonic Unity is imperative.  If one group breaks-off from the rest, every group is affected and so, ultimately are our symbolic lodges.  “The passion that incline men to peace, are fear of death; desire of such things as are necessary to commodious living; and a hope by their industry to obtain them.  Reason suggests convenient articles of peace, upon men may be drawn to agreement.  These articles, are they, which otherwise are called the Laws of Nature” – The Idea of a Social Contract, (T. Hobbes, 1651).

Ill. Charlie Davis, Jr. 33°
Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander


Executive Summary

Mission: To operate exclusively as a charitable, educational, and service society dedicated to morality, mutual aid, leadership, and religious respect. To engage work that positively impacts our communities; commits our labor to humanity, honorable living, tolerance, moderation, and self-reliance.

Vision: Unite in bonds of friendship and mutual assistance; comply with the bylaws of the Imperial Supreme Council to support patriotic, charitable and educational organizations; and carry out the edicts of Scottish Rite Masonry.

Service Goals: Provide aid and assistance to hospitals, religious institutions, schools, and other community-based charitable organizations.

To uphold the laws and landmarks of the institution; promote education, liberty, equality, and justice for all.

Our strong sense of service is reflected through

Community Service, Benevolence, Education & Scholarship.

Our Initiatives

Community Services

The social activities are a significant part of our fraternal society, but our organization recognition is not satisfied by the presence of social activities alone. The organization fraternal purpose must involve and engage in fraternal activities. See. Philadelphia and Reading Relief Ass’n v. Comm’r, 4 B.T.A. 713 (1926). We performs civic, benevolent, or charitable (activities) as a part of its basic functions.

Our membership is committed to the highest standard of excellence of a fraternal association. We engage in and promote collaboration between profit and nonprofit affiliations; and we offer aid and assistance to our community leadership. Our membership is organized under both male/female departments. Together, we provide community-based support services intended to improve the quality of life within our surrounding communities.

Community Service

(Members of Saint John Lodge No. 10 working with Greenbelt civic organization(s) on Park Preservation)

Vision: Engage in work with others that produces community interest, objectives, and standards to promote material and moral improvement.

Education & Scholarships

The Supreme Council establishes and maintains an education program to disseminate information, and funds for grant scholarships to eligible individuals and qualifying institutions. Our program services are carryoutin accordance with our Bylaws, under Art. VII, its Constitution, under Art. I, §2 and Art. II, § 1. Scholarships funds are held in trust are disbursed as prescribed, and in compliance with a corresponding program policy.

(Our 2015 Education Scholarship Recipient in Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

Educational grants and scholarship information is disseminated through its membership to benefit eligible recipients seeking a scholarship, or an institution of higher learning eligible under IRS 501(c) (3) Charitable Class Requirements, The focus of this education program is to provided needed financial support to under-privilege students with emphasis on minority students, and institutions promoting minority programs with emphasis on historical black colleges and universities.


IMPSC Benevolence

(Clean Water Well Project dedicated in honor and memory of our M/P.S.G.C. in Otaum, West Africa)

The Imperial Supreme Council of the Ahura Grand Orient (hereafter referred to as Supreme Council) shall not engage in any business activities not permitted under IRC 501 (c) (8) or under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Supreme Council is a registered Fraternal Beneficiary Society, (fraternal association) since its inception in 1989. Our fraternal purpose is to administer, to cause due respect and strict compliance to the written and unwritten principles and Landmarks of Freemasonry, Rules, Regulations and Edicts of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons under the authority of this Supreme Council operating under the lodge system, and provides for the payment of benefits to its membership as a basic requirement under applicable law.

Our benevolence is for the benefit of the Supreme Council membership, and their beneficiary family member. Its receipts consist entirely of designated giving, and funds are disbursed in accordance with its established system for such payment.