Our Symbolism... Vision... Mission and Fraternal Linage

can be traced to the equilateral triangle which appears to have been adopted by nearly

all nations of antiquity as an symbol of the deity.

Only Through Masonic Unity Do The Best Get Better

IMPSC LeadershipSamuel Clemens began writing under the name of Mark Twain.  One of his most famous anecdotes is about the richest man in a rough and tumble western boomtown.  This man wanted to add some class to himself and growing town, he decided to decorate the rooms of his newly built home with copies of some classic statues from Italy.

In time, the pieces arrived after each endured a rough stagecoach ride across the American Plains.  Upon uncrating the largest pieces-by-piece, one labeled “Venus de Milo” by the Italian shipper, the rich man discovered a statue without arms.  Mistakenly convinced it had been damaged in shipment, he took the local postmaster to task and collected damages!

Have our brethren become so involved in one aspect of Masonry that they have forgotten how important each part is to the whole of Freemasonry?  Just as the “Venus de Milo”, however, excellent it is in part, would be perfect and complete if it were whole.  If we accent one segment of the craft to the exclusion of the rest, we splinter and weaken the totality of Freemasonry. (Ill. J. W. Whitehead 33, M.P.S.G.C., 2006)

We must not be divided, our harmony and Masonic Unity is imperative.  If one group breaks-off from the rest, every group is affected and so, ultimately are our symbolic lodges.  “The passion that incline men to peace, are fear of death; desire of such things as are necessary to commodious living; and a hope by their industry to obtain them.  Reason suggests convenient articles of peace, upon men may be drawn to agreement.  These articles, are they, which otherwise are called the Laws of Nature” – The Idea of a Social Contract, (T. Hobbes, 1651).

Our principles bring us integrity, strong character, dignity and respect.  In return, we strive to be of service to others through our charitable endeavors and our steadfast concern for individual liberty and freedom; Our foundational work is the most important work we must do; we must be unflinching in face of trouble, defeat or loss; search for truth consistent with particular moral principles of conduct; and

Our morality can be summed up in one ultimate principle (Categorical Imperative), from which all our duties and obligations are derived. In the Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals, 1785 Kant states, “Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law”.

The ethics of “virtue” and the ethics of “right action” central question are about character.  Aristotle asked, “What is the good of man?” and answered, “the activity of the soul in conformity with virtue”.  It is a matter course; our actions must be a result of a firm and unchangeable character – “Act so that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or that of another, always as an end and never as a means only”.   Our work is great - and Together We Can! (Ill. Charlie Davis, Jr. 33, M.P.S.G.C., 2013)

“In Honor of Our Illustrious Brothers”
Bro. J. William Whitehead

Bro. J. William Whitehead 33°, M.P.S.G.C.


The Imperial Supreme Council must not be a simple benevolent association dispensing small charities, a society of mutual admiration of the ambition or of the vanity of those who are fond of office, insignia and jewels, and high-sounding titles… we discuss the roles of individuals and bodies organized under our principles of Freemasonry encompassing the “Egyptian Mysteries”, “Brotherly Love”, and “Relief” as a practice of charity, and community wellness.

Bro. Richard A. Gould

Bro. Richard A. Gould 33°, G.M.C.

26 Jan 1948 - 18 Apr 2012

“The English letter “G” in Masonic symbolism is inseparable from, and identical with, the Hebrew letter Yod.  Yod indicates God’s omnipresence, considered the starting point and Spirit in everything.while there were no men of color among the Freemasons prior to 1775, on March 6 of that year, fifteen African-Americans (free men, not slaves) were initiated into Freemasonry by Sergeant John Batt of the Irish Military Lodge No. 441, attached to the 38th Foot of the British Army, one year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Bro. Norman Joyner, Jr.

Bro. Norman Joyner, Jr. 33°, G.C.


National Grand Lodge of France -- According to Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, this is the third largest and third oldest Masonic grand body in France. In 1953 our Grand Lodge recognized the GLNF, which had been established in 1913 and which follows regular Masonic practices. From 1953 through 1966, for 13 years, the D.C. Grand Lodge recognized both the GLF and the GLNF as being regular, and specifically said that our policies permit our Grand Lodge to recognize both at the same time, if we wish to do so.

Bro. Roddie Johnson

Bro. Roddie Johnson 33°, G. M. S.

11 Nov 1931 - 4 Feb 2014

Since the great schism of 1877 freemasonry is divided in two branches, Continental style Freemasonry and Anglo Freemasonry.  The Grand Orient de France (Grand Orients) and the United Grand Lodge of England (Grand Lodges) are the basic models for each variety of freemasonry.  Our underlying principles of freemasonry have always been an integral part of our community, our fraternity, our family! 

Bro. Onnie A. Quattlebaum

Bro. Onnie A. Quattlebaum 33°, G.M.G.

18 Mar 1931 - 03 Jan 2016

Our history must, and will continue to evolve through our individual and collective work.  The Strength, Beauty, and Wisdom of this Supreme Council may provide some conformation seeking such conformation, validation for those that have searched and found these truths through their deeds, and opportunities for those having a vision of service that advances the quality of life within our communities as a direct result of our teachings.

Supreme Council Officers

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Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander

Ill. Charlie Davis, Jr. 33°

Illustrious Lieutenant Sovereign Grand Commander

Ill. Reginal Eley 33°

Illustrious Grand Chancellor

Ill. Roosevelt Jones 33°

Illustrious Grand Minister of State

Ill. Lovelace Walker 33°

Illustrious Grand Treasurer, H.E.

Ill. Vernon Darden 33°

Illustrious Grand Secretary General, H.E.

Ill. Terry Quattlebaum 33°

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Ill. Herman Pate 33°

Illustrious Grand Captain of the Guard

Ill. Ronald Walker 33°

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Illustrious Grand Seneschal

Ill. Willie Coston 33°

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Illustrious Grand Orator

Ill. Lonnie Sloan 33°

Illustrious Grand Keeper of the Seals and Archives

Ill. Winfred D. Baldwin 33°

Illustrious Grand Almoner


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Illustrious Grand Hospitaler

Ill. James Pittman 33°

Illustrious Grand Chamberlain


Illustrious Grand Equerry and Supreme Grand Patron

Ill. Clarence W. Harrison 33°

Illustrious Grand Standard Bearer

Ill. Chauncey D. Coston 33°

Illustrious Grand Sword Bearer

Terry Watford

Illustrious Grand Musical Director


Illustrious Grand Color Guard

Ill. Reginald D. Morris Sr. 33°

Illustrious Second Grand Color Guard

Ill. Kenneth E. Keeylen Sr. 33°

Illustrious Third Grand Color Guard

Ill. Byron Shealy 33°

Retired / Founder

Ill. Robert Ware 33°


Ill. William Johnson 33°